2018    |    Royal Caribbean International

At Royal Caribbean I was proud of being part of their digital transformation team. We spearheaded many initiatives to reduce users’ friction with our many products, both internal and guest facing. On the guest facing front one thing remained true, regardless of how intuitive your products may be there may still come a time where guests hit a snag and will need support. In e-commerce, specifically, this builds a case for maintaining a robust customer support network. This is where I made my contribution: IBT, an updated set of internal booking tools for use in RCI’s call centers.

Royal already boasted a well-oiled support system, with agents speedily attending to and solving every caller’s need, but the tools they worked with were numerous and already showing their age. Juggling several applications at a time to perform one task, this could cost the call center agents precious seconds, particularly during the busier parts of the year.

Through several interviews with call center agents we gleaned the aforementioned juggling act and several other pain points and began working towards consolidating the necessary features along with a few other wishes into one product.